About Us
Elixir is a manufacturer, exporter and dealer of Spices and Herb-based products. The novelty of the venture is reflected everywhere, in the well planned factory building, selection of the best equipments and machinery, excellent quality control, research and development facilities, and in the all round professionalism.

Our team, which has a longstanding commitment to herbal products and its research and development, decided to set up its plant to manufacture herbal based products in an Industrial Development Park, in a picturesque surrounding near Kochi, in Kerala, the ‘Queen Of South India’. Our range of products includes essential oils, oleoresins and extracts. Elixir Extracts is traditionally, environmentally, by way of location and with the inherent strength of the promoters is ideally suited to pioneer herb based solutions to this industry.
Elixir has built its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, designed by the use of the latest technologically advanced equipment to assure excellence in product quality and streamlined service. It follows GMP and HACCP to guarantee standardized extract quality, purity and potency. Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to and traceability is maintained.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) ensures that Elixir's products are
consistent and controlled according to specification requirements. Elixir believes in continuous improvement and fine tuning of the manufacturing process in addition to applying strict quality control on the finished product. This approach also ensures that every unit of the product manufactured is of the same quality as the one tested.

Elixir’s efficient sourcing mechanism, from approved vendors, makes sure that raw materials conform to certified standard analysis. Random sampling is done on each lot, inspected for physical properties and tested in a well-equipped laboratory to ensure quality assurance.
Quality Excellence
Elixir is an ISO 22000:2005 Certified Company and is totally committed to absolute safety and sanitization standards of its products. At every stage, from general hygiene and selection of raw material to standardization and quality control, the procedures are well monitored and strictly controlled. Every activity is in conformation with the procedures and regulations laid down by standards like ISO, HACCP, Kosher and GMP.
Elixir, know that we need the best and latest scientific facilities to keep the promise of sustained quality consciousness. Our laboratory is equipped with highly advanced analytical instrumentation and manned by skilled and trained quality control personnel. Besides the extensive quality control systems built into the processing operations themselves, the lab closely and constantly monitors the microbiological, physical and chemical qualities of inbound raw materials, in-process operations and finished products.

Elixir’s pursuit for quality goes together with its commitment to service. Specific delivery schedules are designed to regular market demands while good storage systems assist to make available semi-finished and finished products all year around.
Labs, Measurements and Analysis
The various characteristics of the raw materials and the herbal product samples at different stages are analyzed and evaluated in the respective labs. Elixir has well equipped Chemistry, Instrumentation, Microbiology and Pharmacognosy Laboratories.

The evaluation methods are based upon the principles of physical characteristics and constituents. High-end specialized instruments like the
Gas Chromatograph, HPLC and UV Spectrophotometer are used to measure specific substances that are responsible for the herb's activity and effectiveness. These are then analyzed to ensure that active constituents of each herb are maintained at desired levels of consistency and potency. Gas Chromatograph with capillary column is employed to ascertain the pesticide residue and purity of volatile oils.
Research & Development Activities
Major improvement in process technology; process control, standardization and quality control are required. Isolation of more alkaloids, development of newer compounds, evaluating the potential of them in curing diseases, for industrial purpose and conducting trials to measure the results is the need of the hour. Elixir is committed bring improvements in all these areas.
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The Elixir Advantage
  • State of the art manufacturing facilities
  • Wide product range
  • Product customization
  • Excellence in product quality
  • Follows GMP, HACCP and ISO guidelines
  • Supported by intensive R&D efforts
  • Managed by experts and professionals in the herbal industry
  • High level of hygiene and sanitation
  • Most ideally located
  • Efficient sourcing mechanisms